Thursday, April 2, 2009

Caponata and Mexican Rice Pudding (PDQ Vegetarian)

Hi, guys. Miss me.

Sorry about being gone but way to much food. However, I have done a bit of cooking recently. This was my dinner tonight, since I had an errand to run that took me through lunch today. The Caponata was made last night and I finished it today with the balsamic vinegar and any needed sugar. I liked it, but this recipe makes way to much for one person. One can hope I am not sick of it and eggplant when it is gone. On the side is the last of my store bought Tabbouleh. And next to it is the last of the Almond “Feta”, along with some the flatbread I made last week. Now I just have to use up all the oil that the “Feta” was in, hopefully it will make some nice Italian dressing.

For dessert I had some grapefruit segments, from the jar; walnuts and some Mexican Rice Pudding (from PDQ Vegetarian, using vegan variation of rice milk and coconut milk). This is not like Isa’s in VwaV, you make it like a traditional rice pudding. Still not quite sure why she calls this Mexican; possibly due to the coconut milk, dried orange peel and the stick cinnamon in the recipe. It calls for dark raisins, but all I had were golden ones, so in they went. If you don’t like brown rice, this would be a good recipe for you; since all the other ingredients really cover up the nutty taste and flavor of the brown rice. However, you can also make this with regular white rice as well. And if you like a more traditional rice pudding, you would like this. I, however, do want to add some chocolate to it. Maybe just a drizzle over the top.

On the job front, I have a fairly good nibble through one of my staffing agencies; but won’t know more till next week. Once everything is finalized, I will let you all know how it will change things around here. It is long term contract, which is fine for me; because I also have another possibility that is on an indefinite time frame for hiring. The second position is more to my liking; but it may be up to a year away, since they are waiting on government grants. So now I am in limbo till I get more details.

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