Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Basic Broiled Chick-fu Part II

For dinner I used chick-fu to in the Basic Broiled Tofu recipe from VCON. This time, however, I did the entire batch in the oven at once. What I didn’t eat for dinner, went into the refrigerator. I am hoping that they are as good cold (room temperature) as they are hot. If this works, it will be great for the day I again have a job to take in my lunch as an easy source of protein. However, if you decided to do this, remember that the chick-fu doesn’t need to cook as long as the recipe says. One cycle of 10 minutes and then 3 minutes is enough.

On the side is some steamed green beans and also a baked potato. The dollop on top of the potato is some Cashew Sour Cream I found up at Recipezaar. Normally I don’t like sour cream on my baked potato, I usually use plain yoghurt. However, I am needing sour cream for another recipe this week, and thought it prudent to try this before actually using it somewhere else. Even though I am not a sour cream lover, it is not that bad. Not sure if I would say it is just like regular sour cream, but the taste is similar. Should work fine in the recipe that calls for it. Unfortunately, my one hope of a commercial soy-free sour cream and cream cheese is most likely gone. The company Playfood had these products that were cashew based and apparently very good, from what I have read on the web. Recently though, their website has disappeared and I have also read that it is no longer found is the stores that used to carry the product. So they may be out of business. The creator is working on a new cookbook and a vegan restaurant in Kansas City, so she may have decided to no longer be involved. It was also caught up in her divorce, and that may have hurt the company as well.


  1. That looks like a delicious dinner, I love how huge the potatoe is, yum!

  2. Mmmmm looks delicious! I'll have to try that sour cream.