Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taco Salad

I made this using an adaption of a recipe that has been in my file for some time. When I found the Southwest Sweet Potato Chickpea Delight on Vegweb, it sounded like a good dish. Unfortunately, I have very little need for casseroles and am not able to find shredded Pepper Jack vegan rice cheese; so this has been sitting till I could figure out either what to do with it or to make it for a potluck. However, last week it occurred to me that if the chips and cheese were omitted, then it could be cooked on the stove top and used in various ways. So that is what I did. The only other alteration to the recipe was the omission of the hot pepper flakes in the ingredients, since that would make it to spicy for my tastes.

It cooked up quite well on the stove top and the salad went together easily. All I had to do was put some lettuce on the plate and surround it with the tortilla chips (Tostitos are vegan, just to let you know). I then put the sweet potato mix on the lettuce, dotted it with some of the Warm “Vegveeta” Cheese Sauce (from Dreena Burton, don’t great minds think alike, Vegetation) and then a dollop of the Cashew Sour Cream. While it may not sound like all this would go together well, it sure looks good and tasted good as well. I have been in the food blahs lately for some reason, but this sure got me out of them. Look for me to use this a few more times this week, along with the “Vegveeta” as well.


  1. Yum! I love what you did with the recipe and lol, yup, I'd been wanting to make that Vegveeta since Dreena posted it (funny that we'd make it at the same time though!).

    Sorry about your food blahs. I hope they pass quicker than mine did!

  2. Ooh, looks like a very tasty meal, I might try that cheesey sauce too!