Monday, April 20, 2009

Indian Style Vegetates and Rice

This sounded so good when I got the recipe off of Recipezaar, but it was unfortunately a disappointment (it doesn’t photograph well either). Even though I did some things differently than the instructions (such as cook the spices with the onions and garlic and used green beans instead of peas), it’s missing something; just not sure what it is though. The first problem is that it has to many potatoes, it could have done with only one or maybe just leave them out all together. Also the sauce never really cooks down and thickens, it is way to thin. I didn’t have any apple juice, but I am not sure that would have helped it. This may not have enough spices, but I don’t think that more spices would help. The curry taste is almost nonexistent. And one cannot taste the cinnamon or cardamom at all. Some chutney may help, in the flavor department, but that may not even be enough to save this. It is really to bad, because you would think that recipe from Better Homes and Gardens would be better, but even they miss from time to time apparently.

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