Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southwest Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Just using up some more of the Southwest Sweet Potato mixture, this time in a quesadilla. I used some of the left over “Vegveeta” spread also. Unfortunately, I discovered that my blender didn’t make the cheese base as smooth as it should be, will have to remember to run it longer the next time. However, now that it has cooled and set up, it did re-melt nicely on the tortilla. It makes me wonder how this sauce would work for a mac and cheese.

And Vegetation, I am getting over my food “blahs”. I think what is causing them is that summer has now and I think finally hit Florida for good. Heat really trashes my appetite for some reason. I might have to start looking at eating more salads, since that is the only raw food easily made in my small kitchen.


  1. I have the same problem in summer. We eat a salad almost every night and there's only so many types of salad I can post about :P I'm glad the food blahs are passing! This looks fabulous (I really shouldn't read blogs right before dinner!!! It makes me ravenous!)

  2. All your mexican foods look so good to me! I bet the vegveeta would be really nice for mac n cheese.