Friday, April 3, 2009

Seitan Vindaloo

Dinner tonight is courtesy of Vegan Dad. I figured that since I still had some of the Gobi Aloo, it needed another Indian dish for a dinner; so I decided to try something that had been on his blog last year. However, the first problem was to find a recipe for some beef-style seitan, since I usually make chicken-style. As usual, Google is your friend. I just used as my search “beef seitan” and what turned up but Bryanna Grogan’s Seitan Beef Cutlets. Very easy to make, but does make a lot, so they will be going into the freezer (and I easily have enough to make one of Joni’s burger recipes). If you have not made these before and need a beef flavored seitan, I definitely recommend them. As for the Vindaloo, it went together very easily. The sauce ingredients all fit into the Magic Bullet, but I did have to make a few changes. First, no white wine vinegar so I used rice wine vinegar; no black mustard seeds so I used yellow ones; sucanat for the brown sugar; 1 tsp of jarred, chopped ginger; no garlic available, so I used some garlic granules; and I cooked this in a sauce pan instead of a frying pan, just to make it a bit easier to do. After all that, it was very good. But the next time, I am definitely cutting back on the pepper flakes. It was way to hot for my tastes.

As for the job front, the temp position fell through due to the employer changing the type of job and it wound up being somthing I am unable to do. So back to hunting again.


  1. Mmmm it looks wonderful!

    Sorry to hear about the job :( Good luck with the continued hunting!

  2. I wish I had something more encouraging to say on the job front besides hang in there. But it is heartfelt.

    Love your vindaloo using the magic bullet! I've had great luck with all Bryanna's seitan recipes, too. Her chicken cutlets from EveryDay Dish are my favorites!