Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebration Roast Sandwich

Dinner was leftovers tonight, so I think that showing you lunch is a good idea today. Strangely, lunch is leftovers from Easter. (Which I hope as a happy one for all of you.) Fortunately, I found a few weeks ago that the natural foods store I got to on a weekly basis (generally) now carries some Field Roast Products, the 1 lb Celebration Roast and Italian Sausages. Haven’t tried the sausages yet, but decided that the Celebration Roast would be the perfect thing for Easter. The best thing is that it takes no prep to cook. Just unwrap, place in a pan, put in the oven, take out when hot and slice. Easy as pie. I did find that it takes more than 15 minutes for the roast to heat up in the toaster oven, however. So will know that for next time. Some of the leftovers are on the sandwich I had for lunch, on top of some Dijon mustard. It was quite good. The cold roast sliced easily and the stuffing even stayed in place. And on the side is the Sesame Broccoli Salad. Nice little lunch. I finished off the Mexican Rice Pudding as well with dessert.

I also have done some experimenting with the Turtle Mountain Coconut Milk this weekend. So far I have: drank it plain, put it in a smoothie, used it as a coffee creamer, put it on cereal and I even used it in the mashed potatoes on Easter (the TeddyBear didn’t even notice). I would have to say that this quite a good product. In fact, I may now be addicted. It will be hard to go back to rice milk after this is gone. If any of you are missing 2% or above milk and can afford this, I suggest you try it. It has no coconut taste nor odor. It does not separate in hot liquids, such as coffee. Smoothies are very creamy and rich. You can easily drink it plain out of the refrigerator (and I haven’t drank milk plain since switching to skim milk in my pregan days). Turtle Mountain has managed to create the perfect non diary milk.

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