Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Product from Dole Foods: Good or Bad Idea

Dinner was leftovers (the Lentils Mole over rice and corn) so I thought I would write about something seen in the grocery store today. Dole has added to their line up of frozen fruit with what I think is a unique offering; frozen, sliced banana (don’t bother checking the website, not even up there yet). Now I know you are saying that you can slice and freeze banana yourself, which is true. But how many of us are going to take the time to do so. And for those of us that eat bananas on a regular basis, are you going to buy extra for smoothies and then forget about them and not get them into the freezer before they go rotten. Don’t know about you, but since the TeddyBear can really only eat bananas (due to his gastric reflux) we already buy about 2 dozen a week anyway. I don’t touch them since they are all for him (he eats about 3 or 4 a day, which is good since he doesn’t eat a lot, though I have gotten him to eat better lately); so that leaves me in the lurch for my banana needs. Which leaves me in the lurch for smoothies, since frozen bananas are a common base if you are not using ice cubes. I also thought they would be great in a cookie I want to make that takes 1 ½ cups of smashed bananas as the cookie base. Or I could just eat them a nice snack on a hot day.

So what do you think. Has Dole hit upon a new market or are they just trying to get us to spend more money on a convenience item?

*Edited to add photo after purchase from store

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  1. You know, I always turn my nose up at convenience products until I get busy... then stuff like pre-chopped onion saves my butt on a weeknight. So I'll reserve judgment, myself.