Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry to be Away Again

Sorry to be away again for so long. I had some minor computer problems in the last few weeks, which unfortunately turned major. The short story is that my computer went in to get the cooling fan replaced. That went fine, but once that was done and before it even left the shop, a resistor on the motherboard fried. Ergo, I no longer have my Toshiba. It is most likely reparable, but I don't have the money right now. So what did I do on Thursday, I went and had to use some of my savings to buy a new laptop. I spent more than I wanted to do so, but it was the only comparable computer to my Toshiba. Now I have a new HP TouchSmart. Believe it or not, I almost have it all configured and all of my files loaded (Thank God for external hard drives). I will have to re-buy my cookbook program and of course Office. All of that should all be taken care of by the end of this month. I also get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out in the fall. I even have a webcam, but no software. However, if I can get some software and it is not expensive, I might do some videos at some point in the future; but that is a long way off.

Unfortunately, I did not even take any pictures last week; I am really lost without a computer. So no new food share. However, I still have some from the week before and from the first two weeks after my assignment ended. I will get all that up this week. The Teddybear is off this week, but I won't do another week of omni friendly food, since it really isn't changing for us. I will get my catch-up ones out this week, and then I think my blogging will go back to doing it when I do something new or have a great idea. Hopefully that way, I will be a bit more consistent at this. I really envy CCV, I don't know how she does this every day.

P.S. I actually wrote this in Word 2007 and published it from here as well. I might get to like Word 2007.