Friday, March 27, 2009

Faux Fish – Almost Have It

For dinner tonight had leftovers (the Zucchini Mediterranean Style) and my latest attempt at the soy free vegan fish (can also be gluten-free as well). While the attempt to use rice flour as a thickener failed (regular flour also) the patty somehow managed to cook up fairly well. And the best news is that I think the flavoring is now correct. I did the same thing as last time, but doubled all the seasonings; except for the ginger. I also put some seafood seasoning in the panko crumbs that were used for the breading. All the flavors blended well. Not sure if it tastes “fish-like”, but it probably tastes as much like fish as marinated to is able to do so. Now all I have to do is make another bath and use oat flour instead of the rice flour. If that works, the recipe is done.

However, my refrigerator is full to the brim at the moment with leftovers I need to eat. So rather than bore you with things you have already seen, I will not post much next week and may not post at all. So will see you either a few days next week, or the week after that. Have a good weekend.

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  1. I've yet to get my rice tofu to set up :( But I'm going to make it set up if it's the last thing I do :P I want fish! It sounds yummy!