Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nearly Raw Tahini Noodles

Dinner is another Lolo recipe and perfect for the early spring/summer heat that seems to have now descended on Florida. The best thing about this is that you can prep everything ahead and just put it together when you decide to eat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big enough container at the moment to hold the entire dish, so I had to put it together on my plate. I just layered some of the precooked, refrigerated pasta, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage (from a coleslaw mix) and some chopped up broccoli. Then I just added about 4 teaspoons of the dressing and mixed it up with my hand. After mixing it, I drizzled another teaspoon of the dressing on top. Unfortunately, I took the picture and started eating it without sprinkling some sesame seeds on top, but that was remedied after a few bites.

If you are not sure about raw food or Tahini, but you want to try it; this is the dish for you. The noodles are cooked, but the veggies are raw, though Lolo does give you the option of lightly steaming the broccoli. The veggies are also smaller sized, so they are easier to eat in a raw state. If you want to get away from some of the prep, I would think that this would also be good with broccoli slaw (for the broccoli and cabbage) and carrots are easy to find pre-shredded. The Tahini flavor is not overwhelming (this from someone who is somewhat ambivalent about it, by the way), and Lolo does give you the option of replacing half the Tahini with peanut butter.
So whether you need a dish for a hot day, or just want to test the waters for raw food or Tahini, this is something you need to try. It might become me regular lunch this summer.


  1. Awesome! I need more salads ideas besides the leafy lettuce kind. Thanks, SB!

  2. This looks great! I love eating noodles with a raw sauce, and tahini rocks!