Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seitan Mole with Vegetables and Rice

Dinner tonight was really simple. Just rice and corn steamed together. Some spaghetti squash added to that. Then some sliced (reheated) seitan and some of that mole sauce I made a few weeks ago. It all melded together quite well. And it wasn’t to spicy this time, since I remembered to dilute the mole with some vegetable stock to thin it out. Cuts the heat also. Still have a ton of the sauce also, so expect to see it once or twice a week till gone.

This was also a good dinner in that it was quite filling. And since Florida has officially had another cold front (thought we were through last week), it is darned cold here again. They say it will be back in the 80’s by the weekend, but I am not holding my breath. It seems like every cold front this year has come down to us. This is not the reason I moved from Kansas.

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  1. Oh, SB, I'm sorry about the cold! I don't know if you were here last winter, but it was NOTHING like this (I remember going for a walk in shorts on New Year's Day). I blame all this unpredictable weather on global warming. Next winter it will probably never dip below seventy degrees.