Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Spaghetti

I came up with this because I have been a bit bored lately, and had some cooked spaghetti that needed to be used. The spaghetti is left over from making the Nearly Raw Tahini Noodles, because somehow I ran out of dressing before the other ingredients. Not wanting to make more dressing, with only having about one serving of noodles left; I realized that they would need to be part of something else. First I tore the leaves off about three stems of kale, washed, tore and steamed the leaves in my small stove top steamer. Since I also had a partial bag of pepper and onion stir fry mix in the freezer, I decided to stir fry that with some corn. Once the veggies and kale were done, then I filled the small frying pan up with water and put the spaghetti in it to heat up. Once that was warm, I then put everything into one container, sprinkled on some Mrs. Dash Italian Seasoning and shook it up to combine. Then a quick dump on the plate, a sprinkle of “Parmesan Cheese” and take the bread that had been warming in the oven. It ended up a like a warm pasta salad, and was a quite good.

The bread on the side, is something that I made up this afternoon. It is from a batch of no knead bread that I found on Bryanna Grogan’s site. One of a few that she has been experimenting with lately. All I did was take a big handful of bread from the container in the refrigerator and cut it into four pieces with my pastry scraper. I rolled each piece with my rolling pin (a POM’s glass) into a circle and then cooked them up in my small non-stick pan. I used a bit to much flour, but they turned out really well. This idea may be a keeper. And in case you have seen this before and wondered if it worked, let me tell you that it does. Now I need to see how it works for pizza crusts.

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