Thursday, October 8, 2009

What to do with Leftovers

This is something we all have to deal with as home cooks. Not only leftovers from meals, but for those of us that make our own soy or nut milks, those create their own leftovers as well.

Both lunch and dinner for me were leftovers today. Lunch was a plate of the Bok Choy rice from Vegan Express (with the cashews and oranges added now). For dinner I had more Curried Orzo Salad with Mock BBQ Pork and added some peanuts to the orzo dish, just to round out the meal.

Now that I am going to start making peanut tofu, I have just discovered that I have a new leftover problem, peanut pulp. If I was making regular tofu and had a lot of okara to use I could always do what SusanV suggests at Fat Free Vegan, make cookies. Or I could do what Bryanna Grogan does at Notes From the Vegan Feast Kitchen; make Okara Parmesan or Okara Miso Pate. But I’m not, so what can I do with peanut pulp?

I may do the same thing I did with the cashew pulp I had from recently making a few batches of cashew milk. I used the pulp to make Coconut & Cashew Bread Paste from Recipezaar. But when you have up to 3 cups of peanut pulp a week that may not be enough. I faintly remember reading on other blogs and possibly up at the PPK forums that people have used the pulp for cheese spreads and as binders in other dishes. But I’m not sure how to go about that. So you tell me, what are some of our favorite ways to use up the pulp left from making nut milks? And do you have any good recipes?


  1. I'm terrible at using leftovers. They either grow fur in the fridge or go in the freezer never to emerge again (well they do, but by then they're too scary to use). I'd imagine you could make peanut cookies of some kind with peanut pulp (and choc chips, mmmmm!)

  2. NIce blog :)
    I'm the same as Vegetation! If I have leftovers I think, cool, I'll have that for dinner tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and I find something else that I want to cook and it gets forgotten about! As for my freezer...

  3. I always have left overs as my bf doesn't eat most of my vegan meals.

    I'd agree with Vege in that you could make peanut cookies but other than that I am clueless!

  4. I'm looking at peanut pulp in my future, too, SB. I was thinking about putting it in bread, maybe, as a little extra protein, or cookies like Vegetation suggested. We'll see when the time comes :)

    BTW, have you seen the Urban Girl Scout's blog during MoFo thus far? She has a really intriguing recipe for oat yogurt and silken tofu (yofu) made from oats. Check it out here, if you haven't already: