Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Puttanesca Scramble Variation and Salad

This has not been a good day. I went to grab my eggplant to make the Mixed Summer Vegetable Sauce from The Mediterranean Vegan and found that it had gone bad on me. Ok, I thought, plan B; I will make the Puttasesca Scramble with Bryanna Grogan’s Chickpea Chilla and a salad for dinner. So I start to make my salad, and in the process of getting the romaine head out of the bag, the other two fall out onto the floor. I have had to put way to much produce down the drain today. Not happy. I don’t like to waste food and we are too poor to really be able to do so. Like I said, not a good day.  At least the food was good.

I did take a few liberties in making the scramble. Since I had no fresh herbs, I had to use dried and all of the herbs, capers and tomatoes went in together after the garlic was finished. I also used jarred minced garlic, since I normally don’t keep whole garlic around and was unable to find any pre-sliced garlic in the store. After cooking the tomatoes and seasonings, I left about a quarter of it in the pan and then stirred in the cut up pieces of the Chickpea Chilla (which were made as normal, except for omitting the tomatoes). I then let it sit on the stove and let the omelette get hot and covered in the tomato scramble mixture. The idea worked much better than I expected.

The salad is just romaine, carrots, celery, and radishes with some Drew’s Raspberry Vinaigrette. It was just the right thing to cool my mouth off after eating a few bites of the scramble. And a cool side dish on a very hot night in Florida (we are still in summer down here).


  1. That looks awesome, SB. I just checked Bryanna's blog for the chilla recipe, and now I'm thinking that these may grace our table at lunch tomorrow :)

  2. Sorry about your eggplant - it's always sad when nature has other ideas to your own. That meal looks scrummy but I'm hoping you washed the lettuce and used it anyway! I would have done.

  3. I'm with Jeni. If something goes on the floor round here, unless it's liquid, it gets washed and used. Sorry you wasted so much though :( I can identify with not being able to afford to just throw stuff out.

    The dinner looks great though!

  4. I wish that was true in my kitchen, Vegetation and Jeni. Unfortunately, my apartment has a bug infestation that we cannot seem to get a handle on. If it was something frozen or would be cooked at high temperature, I would chance it; but not for raw food. The risk is just to high.