Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mixed Summer Vegetable Sauce with Bow Tie Pasta

Sorry about missing yesterday. My life is really hectic right now with this tax class. And I only have time for a quick post today. I also don't see really doing any cooking till after this is all over. When you lose 3 hours of your day to something (plus study time), it really affects how one schedules the rest of your time. And I am sure my eating is suffering as well.

This is lunch from yesterday and probably will be lunch or dinner for today also. Just some of the Summer Vegetable Sauce from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen on some bow tie pasta. The pasta is from the organic line that DaVinci has, which I didn't even know existed. And I checked it is good old pasta, just semolina flour and water; like pasta should be. 

All for now.  See you on Friday. 


  1. Getting busy does do a number on eating habits. Maybe you can spend an hour or so this weekend making a couple of things for the freezer. If you have one, a crockpot can be useful when you are busy.

    Are you taking tax accounting or tax law?


  2. Acutally, I kind of do that now. Since I cook for one but use regular recipes, I tend to live off of leftovers. I also keep things in the freezer, like veggie burgers and seitan. And I wish I could have a crockpot, but there is no room in the apartment for one.

  3. When I was single I used to make a big pot of chili or soup and live off that during the week with salad on the side. However, it sounds like you are a little more advanced cook compared to where I was when I was younger.