Monday, October 26, 2009

Final Week of Vegan Mofo

I’m not going to do a menu this week, since I plan on only making two new things. The Black Beans and Potato Cakes (which may or may not get made again due to refrigerator space) I had planned on making last week and I also plan on making the Curried Udon Noodle Stir Fry from Vcon. However, this week will see my main meal being eaten at lunch not dinner, because my tax class starts today. That schedule is four nights this week, four nights next week and two nights the week after. Needless to say it will mess up my evenings because it runs from 6-9 pm. It also means eating lunch and dinner earlier than normal, since I will be leaving for the class about the time I usually eat dinner.

I also did a lot of research this weekend to find some ways to use all the peanut pulp I will soon have on hand. I found an interesting cookie recipe up at The Sunny Raw Kitchen that looks promising. It doesn’t use a dehydrator and I would think it would work as well with peanut flour (or nut pulp) as it does with cashew. Now anything I make will only quasi-raw, just to let you know, since I don’t buy the virgin coconut oil nor raw agave. And in this recipe, I am tempted to use regular chocolate chips, instead of making the raw ones suggested. I also found a recipe for Raw Reese’s Cups that looks promising as well. Unfortunately, this weeks schedule is going to force me to wait until Friday for more peanut tofu experiments. But that gives me time over the weekend to make some raw treats.


  1. I hope you like the udon noodle stirfry - it one of our family's favorite quick dinners (though I have to do it without the seitan for Red, since he hates meat analogs).

    Good luck with the raw cookies, they sound great. I tried making nut 'fu yesterday - disaster, it refused to coagulate at all - and now I'm faced with my own mountain of peanut pulp. I'm trying to adapt them to some okara recipes I have in a Japanese cookbook. If they work out I'll do a nut pulp month on my blog.

  2. I haven't tried raw cookies yet. But they are on my list so I can't wait to hear how they work for you.

    enjoy class,