Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stir Fry Vegetables and Raw Cashew Cheesecake with Mangos

Dinner was what I was trying to have a few weeks ago. I went back to my standard frozen stir fry vegetables and was happy to find for once, that it did not have a big chunk of broccoli in it and nothing else. However, the vegetables are not what this is about today, this is really about the glaze used on them, Sweet and Spicy Curried Miso Glaze. This is a sauce I found over at, a site that has tons of vegan recipes. It sounded like an interesting mix of ingredients, so it has been in the recipe book till I could give it a try. And the taste is quite interesting. It was not hot, nor spicy, nor salty, but a bit of all three with an bit of sweetness as well. I most likely could have put in more curry paste and miso, but was afraid of using to much initially. The glaze could also have mellowed from sitting in the refrigerator for a few weeks. However, I liked it just as it is and this may become my regular glaze for simple stir fries, since I really don’t want to overwhelm the vegetables and it doesn’t make a lot of glaze.

As a bonus you get to see the desert I have been eating for a the past few days. Lunch for me was late today, so I ended up eating it with dinner. This is the Raw Vegan Cashew Cheesecake from the July/August 2008 Vegetarian Times. I wanted to see if it would work to just eat the filling and not make the crust. So far it has been sitting in the refrigerator since Monday, and has set up and stayed quite firm. Of course, for me it isn’t quite raw, since I didn’t use raw agave nectar nor fresh squeezed lemon juice nor vanilla seeds, but it is still quite good. Definitely a keeper.

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  1. Mmmm cheesecake! I made a raw cheesecake once but it mostly tasted horribly of coconut oil and not much else and I got a bit scared. But if I know yours is good, I might just have to try again!

    And I'm glad you found your regular veggies :) The glaze sounds fantastic!