Thursday, February 5, 2009

Marmalade Seitan with Kale and Rice

I know that this looks like a tester for Valentine’s Day, and it would be if the TeddyBear liked kale. However, he does not. But if you are looking for a nice meal for your significant other, this is not a bad one to do.

This is a dish that LoLo over at Vegan Yum Yum did last April. She did it with tofu, but notes that one can use her Seitan Cutlets as well. If you have not seen her recipe for seitan cutlets before it is a bit different. First of all because it uses a “milk” as part of the liquid. And second in that the cutlets are braised on the stove top in a skillet. And you need a decent sized skillet. I have at least a 13” skillet and it was crowded. I also had to use an extra cup of water, since my skillet does not lid. I also used the “chicken-style” stock powder from Bryanna Grogan. Even though I made a complete recipe of seitan, only one found it’s way into dinner. The others will be for Sunday supper.

Per LoLo, this recipe is supposed to serve two, however I made it over for one. So one seitan cutlet, half the marinade, and half a bunch of kale. She used Israeli Couscous, but I didn’t have any of that around, so steamed brown rice it was. Which is one of her options, if you don’t have the couscous. And I didn’t have any almonds, unfortunately. That would have definitely added to the dish.

As I said earlier, this would be a nice dish to do for Valentine’s Day. The marinade cooks down with while the seitan bakes and makes a nice thick sauce. Unfortunately, the marmalade I used somewhat overshadowed all the other flavors, so this would be a good dish if you have a lightly flavored marmalade you like. Now if I could just plate my dishes and do pictures as nice as Lolo’s.

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  1. Oooh this looks great! And don't we all wish we could plate and photo like Lolo does :D