Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easiest Curried Amaranth with Veggies

Part of dinner tonight is this recipe from And it was quite good, but I do not get the serving size. Or maybe that is because the original uses quinoa and I used amaranth. But still, a single serving of this must be huge.

As I said earlier, the quinoa was exchanged for amaranth in this because I just cannot get past the sprouted look of quinoa. And I have tried. Amaranth is its cousin, however, so I am most likely not missing out on any nutrition. The spices and the green beans (sub for the peas) were mixed in after 15 minutes so that the spices could be stirred through and the frozen green beans heat up. The veggies are prechopped ones from the produce area. I decided to use the Lemon Cilantro Crema on top and mix the shredded carrots in with the amaranth, since I don’t have any cilantro. Very good. Quite spicy. When I finally get a job, this is a great dish to take to work. Oh, and that is more the Broccoli Slaw from last night, on the side.

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