Monday, February 16, 2009

Chicken Fried Seitan

Dinner was about using up leftovers. The left over shredded cabbage from the wraps last week turned into coleslaw (and expect to start seeing more cold dishes, summer has returned to Florida). Which I normally don’t like, but was able to find a nice vinegar based dressing that wasn’t to sweet. I also used the unused batter and breading from LoLo’s Fried Seitan last week on my regular seitan recipe, just to use up as much as the batter and breading as possible. And it worked great. Nice to know that her breading makes any seitan taste good and crispy when fried up. Especially since the TeddyBear really likes Lolo’s recipe. I had enough to batter and fry an entire batch of seitan I made today and have enough left to do at least another half batch. It will make some very nice sandwiches over the next week or so.

On top of the seitan is some BBQ sauce. I had planned to make Bryanna’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce, but found that I didn’t have enough dijon mustard. Don’t have any garlic powder either. Oh well, both on the grocery list now. Will just have to make next time. At least I have the fall back of making this sauce.

One more thing before I go. If you are a regular reader of Becks-I am not a Rabbit’s blog, I hope by now that you have read it for the day. If not, you can find it here. And Becks, if you are reading this, please consider coming back to blog land. We will miss your humor and creative cartoons. And If you need help, just remember that some of us do have experience with what you are dealing with, and are here to help you. Please, do not be afraid to ask.


  1. Your dinner looks very good! I agree, I'll miss Becks' blog very much. :(

  2. Mmmm... I do love fried seitan. I'll have to try it with your baked recipe - I bet it'd be delicious.

    I was just in the middle of composing tomorrow's blog post, and I too am bemoaning Becks' decision to leave us. I hope she comes back soon!