Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy Corn Cakes with Pantry Mole Rojo and Seitan

This is a recipe of Isa’s that I found over at The Veggie Patch by Vegetation. It is supposed to have corn waffles as the base for the seitan, veggies and mole sauce. Unfortunately, I have no waffle iron and no place in the kitchen to keep one, so it has been on hold for me till a suitable replacement was found. And thanks to SusanV over at Fat Free Vegan, a replacement came my way, Easy Corn Cakes.

Now my Easy Corn Cakes don’t look as nice as hers do. That may be due to the fact that I skipped the egg replacer. The recipe already has chickpea flour in it and I figured that they would be fine without the egg replacer, since it was such a low amount. I also skipped the hot pepper flakes, since the mole was going to be have enough heat in it. I should have had my pan on a higher temperature and then they might have come out better. They were still good though, with the taste and texture reminding one of cornbread.

I only really made one alteration to the Pantry Mole Rojo and Seitan, adding corn to the pepper, onion and seitan mixture. Just trying to get an extra veggie in there. However, in retrospect, I should have used less chili powder (note to self: chipotle chili powder is hotter than you think it is). It is far to spicy (had to eat a piece of bread after dinner to cool my mouth) and I couldn’t taste the chocolate in the mole. However, the mole is quite good and is much easier to prepare than the one in VCON. Will now have to try the dishes with mole from VCON to use up some of the sauce, since this recipe makes a ton. Should have done what Vegatation did, make only half a batch. There is enough mole in the refrigerator for weeks.

All for this week. Leftovers tomorrow so see you all on Monday.


  1. Haha, oh dear! I usually learn the hard way when I make recipes designed for 4 and then spend the next few months getting through it all.

    Sorry the sauce was so hot. I wimped out (as you know) and used paprika instead.

    It looks great and I love the corn cake idea!

  2. Looks like a great meal incl. the corn cakes, YUM!

  3. That's just perfect! I shall try it for lunch one day this coming week. :)