Monday, February 9, 2009

Dinner Annoyance

Sorry, no pictures tonight. My dinner, through no fault of my own, turned out to be neither vegan nor vegetarian. I had planed to have a vegetable stir-fry with a nice sweet, spice and salty sauce that I found up on vegweb. Unfortunately, the dinner kit I bought to use as stir fry vegetables (which I will sometimes do, because they have better vegetable combinations) turned out to: one, have sauce nuggets in it instead of a sauce packet, and two, those sauce nuggets were not even vegetarian. Won’t bore you with the details, but needless to say; I am a bit annoyed. This is what I get for not reading ingredients. But who would have guessed that the kit, that comes without meat added, would not even be vegetarian. It is to bad really, because the sauce is halfway decent and would be great with seitan. Which is also something I have done in the past as well, in place of the meat. Guess I am going to have to find another way to get decent stir fries and not start with fresh vegetables. Not that I have a problem using fresh vegetables in a stir fry, I just usually don’t have the odds and ends that makes one easy to put together. Might just have to start looking at the stir fry vegatables from my local whole foods store when in there. At least I know that it is vegan. Or the other option is to get a kit from the produce section of the store. At least those are vegan as well.


  1. Boo! Sorry about the stir-fry sauce - that's so darned sneaky it makes me mad for you.

  2. Ugh, stuff like that makes me cranky. I always use frozen veggies for stir fry, makes a stir fry go from being a hassle to something I can whip up (I throw 1 or 2 fresh veggies in for good measure :P).

    Can you maybe just buy stir fry veggies that aren't with a sauce and buy a sauce separately? My favourites don't come with sauce.

  3. Vegatation, wish it was that easy. I can, but the meal kits have better veggies and aren't dominated by broccoli. I also have more choices for my veggie combinations.