Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stir Fry Veggies with Soba Noodles

This was a much better dinner than last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of veggies in the bottom of the bag, mostly broccoli; so I also added some peppers and onions from that stir fry mix to up the nutrition a bit.

However, tonight is not about the stir fry, but about the noodles. I do love soba noodles and contrary to how they are usually eaten, I like to eat mine warm in a stir fry or a lo mein. Cooking for myself, as I do most nights, however; I very seldom buy them because I don’t want to be stuck with a big bag of uncooked noodles or have leftovers. Also trying to portion them out is a pain as well. But I found this bag at one of my grocery stores that solves both problems. The bag has the noodles proportioned into single servings and it only has three servings in it. This is just perfect for someone like me. Once it is open, just stick it in the refrigerator for safe keeping until the next time. And no mess of trying to portion out the noodles and having all of them fall out of the bag and onto the floor. Now the next time I want to make some, just get the bag and pull out a bundled set of noodles. Easy as pie.

All for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Haha, I love pre~portioned soba noodles (I love soba noodles full stop!). This looks delicious. I don't like mine cold much either, I like them warm.