Friday, January 9, 2009

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

I am sure that this has been said before about this ice cream but to say it again; run, I repeat run, do not walk to your store and buy this if at all possible. My only complaint about this brand is that they do not have a cookie dough ice cream, like Purely Decadent. Other than that, I have none.

Now I have only had the chocolate so far, but it was wonderful. And as a plus, the coconut milk does not seem to really put a heavy underling coconut flavor; which was my problem with Purely Decadent Cookie Dough. Either that, or I am just getting used to the it and not registering the coconut flavor when eating the ice cream. Coconut Bliss also has different flavors than Purely Decadent. And the next one I have to try is the Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge. Will it taste like frozen Nutella? Hope so. And the one after that would be the Cappuccino. Coffee flavored ice cream, can’t wait.

And as another stamp of approval, even the TeddyBear likes it. Since he has refused, so far, to try any of the non-milk ice creams I have floated his way, this is amazing. He also said that the coconut taste was not to pronounced, so maybe I wasn’t imaging it wasn’t there when I was eating it. Now if I can only get him to drop his Haagen-Dazs addiction, which he shouldn’t have since he is partially milk intolerant any more. This just might retrain his taste buds.

So let me say it again, run to your nearest store and see if they carry this yet. If not bug them until they do. Unfortunately, they are not shipping this internationally, as of now. However, that could change in the future. Even MimicCream is making plans to ship overseas. Vegetation, you may get MimicCream before I do. Don’t you just love it, I can get coconut milk ice cream, but not a soy free cream substitute (unless I mail order) and may get it later than people overseas. The irony.


  1. You have just made me very jealous! Vegan ice cream in the U.K is ok, but boring. I long for a good cookie dough ice cream, or cookies and cream.......

  2. I am trying to put off buying this for as long as possible, because I know that it will soon become a new addiction! I want to try the Strawberry Lemon flavor really, really badly.

  3. OMG frozen nutella- yummo!
    Wish, wish they sold this in Australia, we have like one brand soy ice-cream over here and it ain't that great *jealous**
    Thanks for the brilliant review!

  4. I second the Aussie vegan ice cream stinks (well it doesn't, it tastes just fine, but I can't eat it :( ). Thanks for teasing us :P

  5. Ok, for all of you that can't get coconut milk ice cream yet, I found a recipe for it on the web


  6. This stuff seriously rocks. One could eat it for breakfast - there's really nothing in it you should feel guilty for eating.

  7. I just tired the purely decadent coconut milk ice cream and loved it I can't wait to try this kind!