Monday, January 26, 2009

Indian Night Dinner

Didn’t plan on this being an Indian night dinner, but was in the middle of making Mediterranean “Meat” Loaf and found I had no canned chickpeas. I had everything for all of this, so did a quick change of plans.

Under the naan (more in a minute about that) I have my take on the Somosa Stuffed Potatoes from VCON. Since I couldn’t plan ahead on this, the recipe had some heavy alterations. The biggest was that when it says to add the onions and carrots, I also added the potatoes (bought pre chopped), garlic, ginger, and the spices. If I could have planned ahead, the potatoes would have been pre-cooked and added as the recipe says. Once the potatoes were done, then I added green beans (in place of the peas) and once they were warm, the lemon juice. However, they did not go back into potato shells and into the oven. That part of the recipe really doesn’t work for me, since I would be the only eating them and have no freezer space. This way I can keep them in the refrigerator and just reheat as needed.

The naan was something I found that wasn’t vegan, but only had to replace the yoghurt to turn it into a vegan bread. And just to answer any questions anyone has had, the coconut milk yoghurt can be used just like regular yoghurt. That is what I used in these, and they have no carry over coconut flavor in the final product. They went together really easily also. However, instead of rolling the dough out and cutting it, I just cut the dough into four pieces and hand stretched them on the cutting board, with a bit of flour to stop them from sticking. Then each one just went into a hot fry pan and you see the final result. These just might become a staple for me, since I cannot buy vegan naan around here.

The cauliflower were easy. This is the second way that I will eat it willingly. In fact, I may like it curried more than with cheese. The cauliflower were just cut in to flowerets, steamed in the pan with some water. Once they were done, the water was drained and they were put on the plate for a bit. Some Smart Balance and curry were put in the pan, and once the curry powder was cooked enough to get rid of any grittiness, then the cauliflower were put back in the pan and stirred till evenly coated.

All in all this was a good dinner. The other dishes were a great complement to the Black Eyed Peas & Brown Lentil Pineapple Curry. I should have done this the first time around.

I will do the Mediterranean “Meat” Loaf tomorrow, after getting some chickpeas. You guys will love it. Think a “meatloaf” with eggplant, chickpeas and other seasonings.


  1. I <3 Indian food - I will have to try the naan bread recipe, I've never made my own.

    Can't wait for the meatloaf, too - I have an eggplant in my fridge that desperately needs a purpose.

  2. 2 good and have always worked for me breads.

    Joni Newman's 50/50 flatbreads:

    and Learner's Permit pita bread:

  3. Innochka, I tried Joni's earlier and they didn't turn out that well for me, but it may have only been inexperience. and I will have to check out that pita bread recipe. Thank you.