Monday, January 12, 2009

Pizza and a Product Review

Dinner was pizza on a pita bread made with VeganRella mozzarella like cheese topped with tomatoes, green pepper and onions. The pizza was good, but the cheese was slightly disappointing. It does melt, as advertised, but the flavor is a bit bland. I also found the package difficult to open and reseal close. Considering the directions on the back, one would assume that the package has a top that tears off and reseals; but I could not find anything like that on my packaging. At least I can confirm that the cheese is soy free (but made in a factory that makes soy products) and may also be gluten free (since rice flour is a major ingredient). Unfortunately, they do not have a website, so I have no where to direct you to find more about it. Also this stuff is not cheap, I found it at $ 4.39 for an eight ounce package. So don’t expect this to be a regular visitor here. I might get it for a dish, now and then; but will most likely stick with making my own or might buy the Road’s End chreese in powder and use that instead. Their dry mix is cheaper, makes up just enough for one pizza and is easier to deal with; since it stays a liquid until it sets while cooking. Also their dry mix is labeled as soy free and gluten free, unlike VeganRella.

So now I can say I tried it, but was underwhelmed. However, if you do not want to make your own faux cheese and don't mind the price, this may be an option for you. Oh well, win some, lose some. See you all tomorrow.


  1. I actually like the veganrella... but then again, I put a lot of salt on it lol.

  2. Sorry it was a disappointment :( When you already have limits on what you can eat sometimes it's nice to have a convenience food to reach for every now and then. The pizza looks yummy though and maybe CVC has the right idea and salt is a good addition :D

  3. I have such high hopes when I find a new cheeze. Sadly vegan cheeze is a big disappointment >:o(
    I'm getting used to pizza without any cheeze now.