Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black Eyed Peas and Brown Lentil Pineapple Curry + Extras

Today was much better than yesterday. I not only finally made the curry, also got other things done that for various reasons had to put off till today.

Such as flatbread from Joni Newman over at Just the Food. Used a bit to much flour however and cooked on a bit to hot of a pan. Still not to bad for a first attempt. Am going to make them bigger in the next batch, since want them for pizza shells and sandwiches.

Also the cookies for the week. Found these over at 101 Cookbooks. Hopefully the TeddyBear will like them, since he will only eat oatmeal in disguised forms (he has a texture problem with cooked oatmeal).

And then the curry for dinner. Now there are a few shortcuts here, since I don’t have a pressure cooker. The lentils were done yesterday and kept in the refrigerator (due to the mishap of burning them), the black eyed peas are from a can (drained and rinsed), frozen and chopped onions (just hate chopping onions, so once I found these they are kept around) and peanut butter for the cashew butter. After all that, this is fairly good. However, two complaints. The first is that it doesn’t have enough pineapple and the second is that it doesn’t have enough vegetables. Of course as part of a balanced diet, it doesn’t hurt to only have beans and lentils for dinner, occasionally. But since I really like the sauce, this will get some changes the next time it appears. I am going to drop the black eyed peas (except when eating on New Year’s Day) and adding corn, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and some cauliflower. That should make a very nice one pot meal.

Tomorrow is going to be comfort food, since the Tampa area is supposed to get a hard freeze overnight and be quite chilly the rest of the week.


  1. I've made those cookies before, SB, and I loved them. Hope yours are equally scrumptious!

    That curry intrigues me. I've been looking for a sneaky way to eat black eyed peas, since I hate the darned things - it's all I can do to choke down my New Year's dose. Does the flavor still come through all the spices in the sauce?

  2. Kate, already tried a few yesterday and they are very good. But I am getting far more than 3 dozen, since this batch will give me about 40 cookies.

    Never noticed that black eyed peas have a flavor, but then never grew up eating them. However, that curry and nut butter sauce will cover up anything, why the cauliflower is going on remake. Since that is one veggie I can't stand.