Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seaside Cakes

As you can see, I do have something round on my plate; so the theme continues.
These are called Seaside Cakes (at the bottom of the page) and are supposed to be a vegan replacement for fish patties. When I saw them, it occurred to me that it may work well with the rice version of the Burmese Tofu. They are somewhat different from most “fish” replacers you may see. The base of the patty is a roux thickened gravy, or I guess that is the best way to explain it. Making them went fairly well, or so I thought, until I tried to form them and put the breadcrumbs on them. That was when I realized how sticky the “batter” (for a better term) seemed to be. It also seemed to get softer the more I worked with it. However, once they were formed and breaded, the cakes did get stiff once put back in the refrigerator. And once they were in the pan, they seemed to fry up rather well; but still stayed soft and never really got very firm. I have some ideas about why these problems occurred: from the “base” not being thick enough to not having enough of the rice-fu in the “base” at the start. So this is worth some more work on it. Because it may work out in the long run.

The tarter sauce on top of the cakes is homemade, just to let you know. It is sweet pickle relish, a dash of lemon juice and this mayonnaise (suggestion, use a heaping ¼ cup of almond flour in place of the almonds to make it easier). And this dinner is only vegetarian tonight since I am using up some old breadcrumbs I had bought and didn’t realize they were not vegan. Why simple breadcrumbs in the store brand have egg and milk in them, I have no idea; but these do. Since I refused to potentially waste my panko breadcrumbs or any of our Ritz style crackers; these were used instead.

Tomorrow night the theme continues.


  1. Hahaha, I love all your round food! Sorry these didn't turn out so wonderful, but if you don't experiment, you never know right? Plus, some experiments lead to awesome-ness :D

    Ugh, I hear you on the breadcrumbs. The latest here is fish, some of the breads they use are omega enriched and some of the crumb mixes contain tuna oil (I think all contain milk at least).

  2. I've never tried a vegan fish replacement meal? Does it actually taste fishy or seafood-y?? They look cool anyway

  3. Amira, not really fishy, the tarter sauce was better then the cakes. I am going to have to add some more flavorings to them as well. Might have get some seaweed flavoring in the milk next time.

    If you would like to try a faux fish, there are recipes out there, but they are usually tofu based.