Monday, January 19, 2009

Quesadilla and Chick-fu

Sorry for the rerun, for most part, my dinner tonight was a last minute plan. I had an interesting Black Eyed Peas and Brown Lentil Pineapple Curry to do, but ran into a minor problem. I burned the lentils when cooking them and was unable to get the pan clean. Since I needed this pan to make rice while cooking the curry in another larger pan, that created a minor problem. So as a back-up I decided on using the Seitan, Peppers and Onion in a quesadilla and having some Burmese Tofu on the side. And if you can believe it, this chick-fu was only made this morning. It set up really fast, which was good for me. The quesadilla is how it was done last time and the chick-fu was coated in a “parm” mix I have been trying (almond flour, nutritional yeast and some dry mustard) with some jerk seasoning in it for some spice. It all came together really well, which is a good thing; or I would be really hungry right now.

Don’t know why the picture is so dark, didn’t use the flash and thought I had more light from overhead.

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