Monday, December 1, 2008

Meal Planning

Sorry guys, no food today. Still working on leftovers. Had them for lunch and will have them for dinner also. For lunch had the Marinated Lentil Salad, cranberries and a casserole made with left over stuffing and left over chickpeas from making Chickpea Cutlets yesterday. Dinner is going to be the Chipotle Cashew Seitan over rice again. But I will be making a few things this week.

Think I said this before, but I cook with the idea of planned leftovers. Basically, I decide what I want to make and then use that to create a shopping list. How much I cook, is dependent on how much is left over still from the week before. I’ll use this week as an example. I plan on making:

Amazing Haupia (Coconut) Pudding
Green Thai Curry (VwaV)
Baby Corn and Pepper Stir Fry from Lindsay over at the Happy Herbivore
Cinnamon Spiced Vegetables from La Dolce Vegan
Molasses Pumpkin Bars (breakfast) from Celine at Have Cake Will Travel
Spiced Lentils and Rice (from Sunday dinner)

Now I still have in the refrigerator from last week:

Mexican Chocolate Pudding (VwaV)
Banana and Walnut Pancakes (PPK recipes)
Chipotle Cashew Seitan
Marinated Lentil Salad from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen
Stuffing from Thanksgiving
Cranberries from Thanksgiving
Baked Seitan Steaks from Thanksgiving

So as you can see, I need to eat up some stuff to have something to store new food. I really try to not eat the same food two days in a row, but things don’t always work out that way. I am also making more Burmese Tofu this week, the rice version simply because I want to try it out. If it doesn’t fall apart when I put it in the Green Thai Curry, then it might turn up as fish sticks next week. (cross your fingers and pray) I will probably have to make some more of the chickpea version also, since I am almost half-way through what was made last week.

I am really looking forward to trying the Cinnamon Spiced Vegetables since it has butternut squash and I don’t think I have had that before. It has actually been on the list for a few weeks, but have been unable to find any precut up squash. However, I was able to score some this week; so now I can try it.

Now I know all that looks like a lot of food and I bet you all think that I am a bit plump or more. Wish that was true. I have actually fluctuated between 125-135 lbs since age 18. I can’t seem to go below 125 and seem to hover around 135. My clothing size hasn’t changed since high school. In fact, I up until a few years ago I still wore clothes that I wore in high school. I just don’t eat a lot, so that is why my weight is fairly stable. Good metabolism helps also.


  1. I wish I could use leftovers. Sadly they always just sit in the fridge or freezer until they're well past their use by in my house :( (makes for frustrating recipe conversions :P).

    I can't wait to see how you go with the rice tofu. I tried it once and it was a gelatinous mess (but so was my burmese tofu and yours came out great so I'm hoping you can give me hope on the rice one :P).

  2. Vegetation, I will be making a tutorial, so that should help.

  3. Ooh, good luck with the rice tofu, I am still yet to try the chickpea version, hopefully will do it soon!