Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stir fry with Seitan and Sauce

Tonight’s dinner was really simple half a bag of stir fry vegetables, some chopped up seitan and a stir fry sauce. Needed to get the frozen vegetables out of the freezer, since it was taking up space needed to keep the bread till New Year’s Day; so just chopped up one of the Baked Seitan Steaks to go along with it. Pan fried the seitan till crispy, put on a plate and then stir fried the veggies. Once they were ready just put the seitan back into the pan to warm it up, and then put the whole thing over the steamed rice. Covered it in the sauce and instant dinner. And I must have been hungrier than I realized because I ate the whole thing. Which really surprised me, since this is really a lot of food.

Just wanted to let you know that I think the anole managed to escape the apartment on his own. And I figured out how he got in. We have some fairly large gaps around our patio doors and that appears to be where they are coming in. I found a little baby one the size of my pinky finger yesterday and one today that was as long as my hand. They were both scared out quite easily, however. We are using a towel to try an block the gaps at the bottom, but it doesn’t seem to be working; so the TeddyBear and I will have to find something more solid to use. Any ideas?

Our New Year’s plans are simple. Just stay home, watch the parades and football games. I am not planning on any planned meals , and will just have stuff to make up when we are hungry. So far we have bruschetta topping, half a loaf of Italian bread, some hoagie rolls for sandwiches and also some ice cream (Coconut Bliss Chocolate for me, review later). We will most likely have some other things as well, but don’t plan on really doing anything special food wise. At least we don’t have to go looking for the bubbly stuff, since we still have two little bottles of Asti from last year. Neither one of us are big drinkers, so I am really not surprised. We will have a toast at midnight and I might use some the next morning to make a bubbly drink for breakfast. However, no Mimosas, not that I don’t like them, just that they are a bit ordinary. I have some cherry juice concentrate, so that will be what I’ll use, most likely. Just for something different.

That is all for tonight and if I don’t post tomorrow, then hope everyone has a very Happy New Year.

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  1. Mmm I love stir~fry, yours looks yummy! I'm not doing anything for New Years either. In fact, I'm all alone and eating a veggie burger for dinner (heh, excitement plus :P)