Thursday, December 4, 2008

Corn and Pepper Stir–Fry

Tonight’s dinner is courtesy of Lindsay over at the Happy Herbivore . I was checking out the recipes on her site (linked there from somewhere else, just don’t remember) and happened to notice this one. Since I love both baby corn and peppers, it was a no brainer. It also doesn’t make a lot, which is another plus. Now just to let you know, those are fresh peppers sliced by me before they went into the pan. I didn’t cheat this time, because I do like to use fresh vegetables, when possible. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any snap peas and the store and had no green beans in the freezer, so those got left out. To make up for that, I just put in the entire can of baby corn. My market did have fresh baby corn this week, but they didn’t look that good, so canned it was. And since we only have orange juice around here, that was used in place of the pineapple juice, but I don’t think it affected the flavor. And one final change was to mix the cornstarch and water with the sauce base before adding to the pan, cause in some things I am just lazy. And this all came together from prep to eating in 20 minutes. Just right for a quick weeknight meal.

Now I am sure you all want to know (or at least those of you that haven’t had this already), was it good. It was very good. The best thing about is that it is fat free, so a nice recipe to have when one has been overindulging. Definitely something to keep in my recipe box (or my cookbook software , as it were). This would be a great meal to take for lunch and reheat in the microwave. It will work great as leftovers in a wrap, which is how most of my leftovers end up. Makes as easy lunch at home. However, the next time I make this I need to remember to cut the peppers bite size. Leaving them in the strips made it a bit hard to eat.

Lindsey has some interesting recipes on her site. If you haven’t been there already, please go and check them out. She also has two cookbooks, one out and one coming out soon. They are both in PDF, so you get them within a day or two of your order and each one is quite inexpensive. I see her first one has a Soy Free Spinach Quiche, so that alone makes the $5 dollars a good use of your money. I would get it for that recipe alone, since her technique probably has other applications and I need to eat more spinach (don’t we all). She also does not use a lot of tofu, so most of her recipes are automatically soy protein free from the start.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it -- and no worries about not having all the veggies (I feel veggies listed are always a suggestion in stir-fry recipes anyway) -- more corn the better I say! I like the idea of using orange instead of pineapple too - that sounds good.

    P.S. Both of my cookbooks are out :) Thanks for the great shout out and compliments!!!!!
    <3 Lindsay / Happy Herbivore

  2. Lindsey, thank you. I may get your first book, because I just have to know how you made that quiche. It would be great if the technique also had other applications for tofu free cooking. However, I am out of work (new job starting soon, however) so it may have to wait a few months. But I do like that they are both in PDF, very convenient.