Monday, December 8, 2008

Rice-fu “Fish”-The Recap

Sorry guys, no pictures tonight since dinner was leftovers, the Baby Corn & Peppers Stir Fry. I am also not making a bunch of new food this week, since my TeddyBear has next week off. How he got vacation this time of year in his job (he works for a company that provides back-end office services to banks and credit unions) I do not know, but he did. So next week I guess the theme is “Food to feed Omnis”. I have actually managed to find a few things he likes and Becks I am borrowing your BBQ Pulled “Pork” dish next week. Especially, since I think that your BBQ sauce would throw a lot of people on this side of the big pond for a loop. They would not be happy that a Brit can beat them at their own game. But I digress. He does like (or at least tolerates) seitan, a “Sloppy Joes” type recipe made with lentils, a dish called of all things Mexican Zucchini (possibly because of the corn, don’t know) and a few other things. Might also do a sweet and sour seitan dish as well or a stir fry. However, he is a bit of a challenge on food. Some things he will not eat due to texture (polenta, risotto), he is extremely sensitive to capsicum (the substance that makes peppers spicy) so no green peppers, and he doesn’t like any thing heavily spiced and he doesn’t like to use sauces. Now you ask, how do I cook for him. Well mostly not, since about all he can tolerate after a day at work is a salad and getting him to eat that is a trial. He frankly does not eat enough calories, as far as I know; but he may eat and not tell me about it. The truth, I just muddle through. (update, just learned he has two weeks off since he also has 32 hours of personal days he has not taken, two weeks of omni friendly food it is)

Now on to the rice-fu “fish”. It was and was not a success. It didn’t taste that bad, but it also did not taste fishlike. The rice-fu did not dissolve in the marinade, but it also did not seem to absorb it. however, that could have been because I didn’t let it sit long enough. Next time it will sit in the marinade longer, up to an hour or more. If it dissolves on me, I will have a backup for dinner. And it didn’t dissolve when being fried either. It didn’t get like the chick-fu does, but it did get a bit like the texture of a whitefish. I guess you could say the results were promising but more experimentation needs to be done. That will have to wait till I can get some ginger. I don’t tend to keep ginger around since it will go bad on me before I use it, so I cheat and use Ginger Juice from The Ginger People. That did not work in the marinade well, so need to get some jarred crushed ginger to make this again. Once I am sure it works fairly well, I will put up a picture.

One thing before I go. Would anyone be interested in a product list of ice creams, cheeses, milks and other products that are either soy protein free or even soy free (unusual though it may be). Only reason I’m asking is that I keep seeing these lists on the web of things that are vegan and things that are gluten free are very clearly labeled. Maybe if people saw a market for soy free cheeses and the like, they would be easier to find. If you think it is a good idea let me know and I will get it set up and a link to that page from the sidebar.


  1. Lol, feeding your family (or you and your TeddyBear) sounds like me trying to feed mine. Ruling out everyone's intolerances and allergies and likes and dislikes plus omni cross vegetarian makes for some interesting (or not) meal planning at times :P

    I think the list is a great idea, I'll be honest, it wouldn't help me given that we don't get 99% of the soy free things you do, but it might be nice for other veggie people to stumble upon and give them some ideas of what they can buy :)

  2. Erm, yikes! I'm quite nervous that your going to try my recipe! I totally made it up and T.V and I are the only people who have ever eaten it~ so it's reasonably uncharted teritory!

    Last time I made the sauce it was slow to thicken (I used a different kind of fruit juice than the first time I made it) so maybe don't add all of the juice at once~ just add gradually until you reach your desired consitency.
    And I usually mix the sauce with the shreaded seitan and pop it in the oven for a bit to get more sticky and slightly charred and crispy~ but it depends how you like it.

    It's very brave of you though. I'm worried now that you won't like it and it will all be my fault >:o( Oh the pressure!!

  3. Becks, no pressure. It looks good in pictures so it most likely tastes good as well. Besides, if you didn't want anyone to try it, why did you put the recipe on your blog. And if we don't like it, so be it. Anytime you try something off a blog it is a risk. However I am not using the chili powder since that will be far to hot for my T.B., but it should be just fine without it.