Monday, December 15, 2008

Mexican Zucchini

Well tonight is the first of a two week unplanned theme of “What do you feed an omni?” due to the TeddyBear having two weeks off from work. It will have a bit of everything. Basic dishes, seitan, lentils, and comfort food. I am doing Becks Pulled Pork, a “sloppy joes” type dish and also the Black Bean Burgers from VCON. And if this has been planned correctly, we can get through the week without any leftover makeovers, at least until the weekend.

Tonight we start with Mexican Zucchini. I found this up at this past summer and have made it few times now, however I have no idea why this dish got its name. It is perfect for my TeddyBear since it is simple and has no spices (he doesn’t like to many spices in his food). The ingredients are only zucchini, tomatoes, onion and corn; although I did add some smoked paprika tonight, just for something different. We had it over rice, but you can also have it in wraps, use it as a base for veggie tacos or burritos and the leftovers will find their way in to some quesadillas. I was even thinking that it would be great as part of a scramble or a huevos rancheros. It is one dish that my TeddyBear is willing to easily accept and since it has few vegetables, it is quite nutritious. The best thing is that this is a one skillet meal, so no messy kitchen afterwards. However, be warned it makes a ton. If you are feeding an army and need dinner in a hurry, this might be the dish for you.

That is all for tonight. Might have a few extra posts this week, since need to get a few things up apart from the normal stuff.


  1. Good luck pleasing the omni TeddyBear! I hope he likes everything you have planned >:o)

  2. No fear about that Becks, only two of these dishes are new and they should be things he would like. The Mexican Zuccihini and the "sloppy joes" recipe are on their third or fourth go around.