Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thai Curry-My Way

The semi appetizing picture you see at the top is what I had for dinner tonight. I made the Green Thai Curry from VwaV tonight and, with some modifications. First I didn’t make the green curry paste from the book, since I can’t find lemon grass easily. I know in Florida and can’t easily find lemon grass. I would have to go to an Asian grocery store and just don’t have any near me. So I used some red curry paste from the refrigerator. I used 3 tsp and it didn’t blow my head off. Must have been the coconut milk. Then I cheated on the red bell pepper and onion and used a half a bag of the pepper stir fry mix. Just easier to deal with and something I use a lot. The last change was using the rice version of the Burmese Tofu I made today. More on that later.

Let me just say that I am now officially hooked on Thai curries. I cannot believe how good they are. Now this recipe is as close as I have ever come to having one and I can’t wait to have it again. What I couldn’t believe is that it didn’t blow my head off, considering how much curry paste was used, it should have. It must have been the coconut milk (said that already didn’t I).

Unfortunately, the Burmese Tofu made with rice flour was a disappointment. It did seem to work alright as it got solid and seemed to set up fairly hard. However, it gets soft and sticky when it is heated. I will put a tutorial later about how to make it (complete with pictures), but I do not think it is versatile as the chickpea version. I am going to try and make fish from it, but am not sure it will work. Hopefully it will absorb a marinade and not fall apart when fried. But that will be next week.

All for now. See you later. Cinnamon Spice Roasted Vegetables tomorrow.


  1. Thai curries are yummers, I love coconut milk. Shame the rice-fu wasn't as good as he chick-fu! Better luck with making faux-fish!

  2. Hey Mandee, any ideas on to use up my leftover rice flour.