Friday, December 5, 2008

Thai Curry – Redux

Tonight was the return of the Thai Curry from earlier this week. This time I did it with the chick-fu that was coated in almond flour and then fried. The good news is that after the chick-fu was crispy it didn’t dissolve while sitting in the hot curry. That is good to know, because it shows that the chick-fu is sturdier than we thought it my be. After all the do make a curry with it in Burma and I think they do it with the fried fritters. So this must need a hard skin on it to stay together in a liquid. I just wish we could find a recipe for how they do their curry with this. From what I read it sounds interesting. But back to this dish. Another good thing is that the taste and the texture of the chick-fu do seem to blend with the curry. Which is good, because if they clashed, then this would not have been so good.

An update on the rice-fu. I may have jumped the gun on how well it set up. After taking it out of the loaf pan today, I noticed that it had set up all the way to the bottom at the same hardness. So maybe it just wasn’t set up yet when I used it on Tuesday. I am going to try make “fish” sticks with it this weekend from a recipe I found over at PPK from LadyVoxx, she did it with tofu and I am going to see how it works with the rice-fu. If it goes good, the rice-fu will get a bit gelatinous and resemble fish a bit, if not it will fall apart in the pan or in the marinade. Don’t worry, I have a back-up plan for dinner if this crashes and burns, which I still fear it will.

And not to trump anything, but this blog has now been around for two weeks. Now the trick is can I make it two months. Still have lots of things to try and there are lots of recipes to de-tofu. Speaking of the de-tofuing, I am going to take a big chance next week with the chick-fu. Hopefully it will work, because that then would allow us to do a lot of what people do with the regular tofu. The big chance is marinating it cold and then baking it in the oven. I am even thinking about BBQing it at some point. Just to test the boundaries of what it can do. Just think we might even be able to make sandwiches out of it when cold. I have some other things I want to try also, but those are for the future.

That is all for this week. If the “fish” is a success there might be a post this weekend, if not then the post mortem will be on Monday. Have a good weekend.


  1. Good work on bloggin for two weeks and having great success w/ chick-fu! I'm sure you will still be around in 2 mths! :)

  2. I absolutely loooove Thai curry!

    I also love your blog; I'm adding you to my blogroll :o)

    Happy Saturday!