Thursday, December 11, 2008

Product Review and more Burmese Tofu

Okay, guys. Today you get a bonus. Both lunch and dinner, along with a bit of excitement in the Republic of Bunny today.

First the product review. I had a Sunshine Burger for lunch with the Mustard Sauce from VCON and some celery with peanut butter. Now in case you have yet to hear about the Sunshine Burger products, let me tell you they are just what you are needing to find. The entire line is vegan, organic, soy free and gluten free. Yes, you did read all that correctly. I know, sounds impossible. The company that makes these uses sunflower seeds as their base instead of either TVP or gluten. The variety I’m eating is the Garden Herb, but they also have 3 other varieties as well. If the other three are as good as this one, they are worth it. The patty was well seasoned and really didn’t need anything else on the bread. I just used the Mustard Sauce to add a different flavor profile. However, one could also use a curry ketchup, mustard or a curry mayonnaise as well. Please, do not use BBQ sauce. It really doesn’t work with the seasonings. The celery with peanut butter was really just to round out the plate, because you would not believe how nutritious these patties are. The only bad thing is that they only come three to a box. Now if they don’t sell these in your neck of the woods and you want to try them, Sneaky posted a clone of the Original variety up at PPK forums. So if you can’t buy them, you can make them.

This is what I had for desert today. I only usually have desert with lunch, not dinner. This is the Amazing Hupia (Coconut) Pudding with some thawed strawberries and some walnuts. Since this didn’t get made last week, it got bumped to this week. If you like coconut, this is for you. The recipe is only coconut milk, water and cornstarch. However, if you are trying to watch your weight, then you might want to skip this. Not low in calorie. As for the walnuts, I try to have some everyday. They provide some extra calories, have good fats, and also are a great source for Omega-3s. Besides, I like them.

Dinner again was the last of my previous batch of chick-fu. Again it is coated with the batter I am trying to use up (almost done). The stuffing patties are the last of the leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving. So one more item cleared out of the refrigerator. This was really just to clear up some odds and ends in the refrigerator and make room for next weeks food. And I am so happy to finally be out of that stuffing. Now the question is, do we have more for Christmas, in which case you will see this again till next year. Considering how well the bread in the stuffing mix is seasoned however, I may buy it again and only make a small amount. The rest would be great to use in making a batter for the chick-fu for baking or frying. All I would need to do is run it through my Magic Bullet.

I am making more the chick-fu tonight, so hopefully the tutorial will be up in the next week or two. And tomorrow will be the big experiment, marinating the chick-fu and then baking it. I figured that if it should fail, I would have a great batter for making Socca or maybe use it to make an omelet.

Now for the excitement today. As I was walking in to my kitchen, this morning I went Eek!!!. What was on the wall. Why an anole. How it got in our apartment and then into the kitchen, we will never know. It took me half the day, but he is finally out of the kitchen, but still in the apartment, as far as I know. That picture you see was taken about 11:00 this morning, long after we woke up. Now does anyone know how to catch one of these creatures. And I do mean catch and release. Personally, I think that they are cute little creatures. But not in my kitchen!!!! (was I shouting there) My fear is that he will die in the apartment or that we will accidentally step on him, since he seems to be able to blend into his environment. Any help is appreciated.


  1. I had to look up what an anole is, I thought it looked similar to the geckos we have here but found out they are not the same! I hope you can catch him and let him outside.

    And I am going to check out the recipe for the coconut pudding, yum!

  2. Mmmm I wish we got those burgers here! They sound yummy (and perfect!)

    I'm not sure what an anole is either, but we get really big skinks (lizards) that come into the house. They're about 8cm long, I usually get an old shoe box or ice cream container and do like I do with spiders, throw it over the top of them (carefully), slide a bit of cardboard underneath and take them out. Good luck with catching him!

    Can't wait to see the baked chick-fu!