Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving – The Leftovers

Hopefully everyone who is reading my blog in America had a good Thanksgiving. My Teddybear and I definitely ate until we were stuffed, and then he had strawberry ice cream (he’s still an Omni). I was to full to even think about desert. As you can see from the picture above, today this bunny was piggy. I turned some of the stuffing into stuffing patties (with 2 besan eggs and water) and topped them with the Mustard Sauce from VCON. I also had the leftover candied sweet potatoes (topped with Smuckers Marshmallow topping), Ocean Spray crushed cranberries and the Marinated Lentil Salad from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. Then for desert I had a slice of Mrs. Smith Dutch Apple pie with a cashew cream from here and some walnuts. Oh, well, I had the flu a week or two ago and lost a few pounds; so I need to put them back on. Don’t worry, I don’t eat like this all the time.

Dinner tonight, will be leftovers as well. I get them all, since my Teddybear doesn’t like them. And I’m doing what most of the country will be today with their leftovers as well, the day after casserole. Of course mine will be with vegan dressing, vegan gravy (the Road’s End gravy is really good, by the way) and turkey seitan. Then it will be back to other leftovers in the frig, so that I can cook some new stuff on Monday. I basically cook for planned leftovers, since I more or less cook for myself. My Teddybear has very unadventurous taste buds, and is overly sensitive to capsaicin, so no peppers (even sweet bell peppers) for him. He also likes stuff to be rather bland. Shall we say a challenge. (edit: ate to much for lunch, so will have casserole over the weekend)

I finally got my blog roll up. As you can see, it is eclectic. If you are interested in Japanese food or bento boxes, Just Bento and Just Hungry are great blogs. The author is not vegan/vegetarian but she does do some great vegan/vegetarian dishes from Japan and some of the other recipes can be veganized. If you are into using essential oils, then I do suggest that you check out Nature’s Gift. They have good customer service, decent prices and a good selection of oils and other accessories. The blog The Sustainable Scoop, is more whole foods related, but she does have some vegan/vegetarian product reviews and recipes as well.

Guess that is all for now. See you on Monday.


  1. Yum! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! All these thanksgiving posts are making me really look forwards to christmas dinner (and the leftovers!) >:o)