Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soy Free Mayonnaise

I have been using a lot of mayonnaise lately and thought that this is an issue I should address. For those of us who have problems with soy, mayonnaise is a big issue. If you are soy allergic, you have to make your own, since every commercial mayo (whether vegan or regular) contains soy. For those of us that are soy intolerant, you are only out of luck with the vegan mayos, since they all contain soy protein as an egg replacer. Therefore, what is a person do to; why you have to make your own.

And that is not as hard as it seems. You can make mayo with any decent blender, even a stick blender; if that is all you have available. The only ingredients in mayo (unless it is vegan, of course) is oil, egg, an acid and whatever seasonings you decide to use. The tricky part about making mayo is getting the oil and protein from the egg to emulsify (or combine), which is where most people fail at making mayo. The good news is that if you are making a vegan mayo, it is even easier (or at least I have found this to be true).

If you look on the web, finding a vegan soy free mayo recipe is not hard. I have managed to collect quite a few recipes that I have tried and been fairly happy with using. I have also been making these in a Magic Bullet blender, so if they can be made in that, then you should be able to make them as well. Some of these are nut based; either cashew or almond, and some of these are use a starch as a thickener, such as arrowroot or cornstarch. I even have one that uses flax seeds as its base.

Today I am going to give you all the mayo recipes that I have decided to add to my recipe book so far. Most of them I have tried and they work quite well in any type of dish. However, I will warn you that for the recipes that are nut based, you may want to consider those only if you have a high speed blender. Lower speed blenders may leave pulverized nut pieces in the finished product and while that won't hurt it, you may find them grainy when using as a spread.

Almond Mayonnaise – from Recipzaar, can use ¼ heaping cup of almond flour if don't have almonds, only good for a week or two in the refrigerator

Almond Mayonnaise – from Vegweb.com, easy to make, would work better in a high speed blender

Almond Mayonnaise – from Veganchef.com, haven't tried since don't keep lechitan around

Bryanna's Delicious Low-Fat Veggiennaise (page down to find)– from Bryanna Grogan, tried but didn't like the consistency that the arrowroot gave it, lasts for a few weeks in the refrigerator

Cashew Mayonnaise – from Vegweb.com, was my regular mayo, found that I needed 1 cup of cashews to make it work right, lasts for several weeks in the refrigerator

Low Fat Mayonnaise – also from Vegweb.com, my new regular mayo, easy to make, supposed to taste like Vegannaise, good for several weeks once made

Mock Mayonnaise (near the page bottom)– from the web, have not tried since don't keep xanthan gum around

Real Tasting Mayonnaise – also from Vegweb.com, uses flax seeds as an egg replacer, need to have the finely ground or show up as specks in the final product

Vegan Mayo – also from Vegweb.com, failed on my attempt to sub the chickpea flour for the soy flour, might work in a high speed blender

So there you have it. Hope you find one you and your family likes. Tomorrow I will show you what I have been doing with mayo lately. Including one from Lolo, that you not believe works with a noncommercial mayo.


  1. Awesome! Thanks, Snugglebunny :)

  2. You are fantastic and you seem to have read my mind. I've been craving eggless salad but all the recipes contain mayo. I stopped buying Plamil (even though I loved it) and was considering making my own. I will try the two that you said were your regular ones.

  3. These are fantastic and I'll definitely be giving them a go! You can get a rice based mayo but it sadly seems unavailable here at the moment :(

  4. Hain, Spectrum, and Saffola make soy free mayos. Check them out.

    If you are vegan eating agribiz soy, you are just not eating the animals you are killing.

  5. I love vegetarian food and I eat meat almost never. I have no problems tolerating soy, but my brother does. I'll show him your blog, I'm sure it will be so helpful for him

  6. I keep getting a message that www.vegweb.com is an attack page that has been known to install malware in computers...is there any truth to this? I want to see some of the mayo recipes but am afraid to go in the page.