Monday, August 31, 2009

Nufu Tofu and Sweet Potato Cakes

No, you are not misreading the title of this post. That is a new product from Sunergia Soy Foods and it is a tofu made from peanuts and seasoned with wither ginger or herbs and hickory. And how do you make a tofu from peanuts you ask, why just like regular tofu. First you make peanut milk, then you add nigari, then you press it. Viola, peanut tofu. Oh, and it doesn’t taste like peanuts.

For dinner I had BBQ Nufu Tofu with Sweet Potato Cakes and a simple salad. The tofu cooks up just like regular soy tofu and even looks white when one takes it out of the package. It has the same feel and slices up quite easily. Place it in a pan and it browns up, just like tofu would do. After it had browned on both sides, I put some BBQ sauce (Bryanna’s Bourbon Barbeque Sauce, page down to find), turned off the heat and let it sit in the sauce. I don’t know if it soaked up any of the sauce, but since it comes pre marinated and seasoned, that may not matter. The Hickory and Herb did meld well with the BBQ sauce I used, and would most likely work well with almost any BBQ sauce.

On the side I have
Sweet Potato Cakes. This is something I found up at Vegweb. The base is sweet potatoes, but they also have corn and shredded zucchini. Oat flour and panko breadcrumbs act as a binder. If you like sweet potatoes, needless to say, this is a dish for you; since it is a very different way to eat your sweet potatoes. These would be great to bring in a lunch, since I think they would reheat well in a microwave or could be eaten at room temperature.

My other side dish for tonight is just a simple salad of romaine, shredded carrots and grape tomatoes. On top is some Annie’s Naturals French dressing. Annie’s makes a quite good French dressing, which is both vegan and soy free.

As for my kefir experiment, I think I was overloading my system a bit; so I have cut back to only 2 oz a day. Since I don’t want to try to eat the soy yogurt until I have had at least two quarts of kefir, that will push off the final test at until early September. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. You've got me drooling over that Nufu. I even made my brother take me to Whole Foods in Orlando to see if I could track some down (no luck). May I ask where you got yours?

  2. I have to go to Natures's Food Patch in Clearwater to get mine, but they only have the Herbed Hickory. I don't know where in your neck of the woods would carry it. If you can find out who locally carries Sunergia products, you could call them or emial Sunergia direct. The Vegan Store and Vegan Essentials on the web also carry it as well. Happy Hunting.

  3. I asked the usually accommodating owner of the nearest health food store about Nufu, and he shot me down pretty hard ("Peanut tofu? Now there's an allergen..."). The world is not meant for those of us who can't eat soy by the pound. I'm looking into making my own now, since I have raw peanuts at my disposal. More information as that fiasco unfolds :)

  4. Sorry to hear that Kate. I am looking into making my own as well, since I can only get it at one store in the area and would like it to be unflavored as well. I found a reasonably priced kit out of Miami from Tofu4You, but haven't ordered it yet. I think I know my project for VeganMoFo.