Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chickpea Scramble, Take Two

I hope all of you in the US are enjoying this Thanksgiving eve. Hopefully, your weather is better than ours in Florida is at the moment. Fall has definitely arrived here, but that has brought us rain off and on all day today. It may clear up tomorrow, but we have a front in the area, so who knows. It has cooled down, no more highs in the 80s, but the humidity is still here. Once that goes away, the weather will be great. But I really shouldn’t complain about the rain. We need a winter with high rainfall and a normal rainy season next year to have our drought declared over.

I am not doing a lot of cooking for Thanksgiving, don’t really need to with just the two of us. I will be heating up the Celebration Roast and potato rolls (from Wal-Mart) tomorrow, make the mashed potatoes and gravy, roast a sweet potato for me and steam some corn. Neither one of us is into really big meals, so that will be enough. And I will most likely have some Celebration Roast leftover to make some sandwiches on Friday and even possibly into Saturday. This is fine; since I will be the only one eating any leftovers (my other half doesn’t like to eat them).

Asian Chickpea Scramble

However, I have done some cooking. In fact, I made the Chickpea Scramble again, but this time tried to give it more of an Asian flavor. I added baby bok choy and cooked the bok choy and red bell pepper in vegan oyster sauce before adding the chickpeas, rice, corn, green beans and shredded carrots. It worked out really well; the vegan oyster sauce definably changed the flavor profile of the dish. The next time I do this Asian variation however, I am going to use more Asian vegetables, such as baby corn and water chestnuts. In fact, I am also looking at doing a Mediterranean variation and a Latin America variation (with black beans) as well. This recipe just has so many possibilities.

All for today, and I will come back on Friday to show you my Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. sounds like a yummy experiment, if you go asian, might I suggest a great way to finish the dish is with a quick drizzle of sesame oil. Also one way to really get a good kick (spicy wise) is to slice up some "preserved vegetables". It's a good replacement to salt(use sparingly) and will amp up the spice to the dish you can find this in most asian groceries. (I believe it is preserved mustard greens??) but given what you described it would be a fun complement.

    Happy Thanksgiving, I'm inspired by your dish!

  2. That's funny about your better half and leftovers, Snugglebunny. Red usually won't touch them, either, unless I've doctored them up somehow. Thanksgiving is the only meal where he'll willingly eat the remains the next day.

    I haven't tried the chickpea scrambles yet - I'm not a fan of whole garbanzos normally - but that looks scrumptious. I might have to give it a whirl.

    Hope your dinner yesterday was yummy. BTW, I had your baked seitan steaks done roast style at my meal. Very good with mushroom gravy :)